CVI interventions for mathematics support the participation of students with CVI in broad goals highlighted in Bridge School’s Curriculum in Action. The broad goals are for students to:

  • Develop fluency in basic computational skills.
  • Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Become mathematical problem solvers who can recognize and solve routine problems readily and can find ways to reach a solution or goal where no routine path is apparent.
  • Communicate precisely about quantities, logical relationships and unknown values through the use of signs, symbols, models, graphs and mathematical terms.
  • Reason mathematically by gathering data, analyzing evidence and building arguments to support or refute hypotheses.
  • Make connections among mathematical ideas and between mathematics and other disciplines.

Interventions involve providing accommodations for specific concepts like counting with 1:1 correspondence by using a light box to present manipulatives, using adapted schedules and calendars for daily measurement tasks and using assistive technology like onscreen calculators.

Using a lightbox can recruit a student’s vision so they can sustain their gaze for longer periods of time when visually tracking while counting.
Using an iPad and photos of money taken from Google Images is an easy and fast way of allowing a student with CVI to explore, in detail, what money looks like at close range.
Adapting materials in the classroom that support measurement for students with CVI.  Glow Writing was used to create a classroom calendar.
Glow Writing was used to create classroom schedule.
A clock was created with Glow Writing for students learning an analogue clock.
This clock is presented on a light box for some students and for others having just the Glow Writing accommodations are sufficient.
A student uses an on-screen mouse and an on-screen calculator.