Peer-Reviewed Research Articles 

Web-based Materials:


  • Aileen Arai, MS, Special Educator 
  • Craig Abaya, Video Technology Specialist 
  • Gabriela Berlanga, Associate Executive Director 
  • Sarah Blackstone, PhD., CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator, Board Member 
  • Vicki Casella, PhD., Executive Director 
  • Tike DeMarco, MS, Associate Director of Transition 
  • Fei Luo, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Senior Researcher 
  • Elisa Kingsbury, MS, CCC-SLP, Program Specialist 
  • Christine Wright Ott, OTR/L, MPA, Private practice   
  • Jennifer Yeh, Director of Technology and Outreach 
  • Frank DeRuyter, PhD, Board Member 
  • Suellen Miller, PhD, RN, CNM, MHA, Board Member 
  • Mary Frances Allen, Executive Assistant 


  • R. Michael Barker, PhD, Statistician, CDC 
  • Jesse Canchola, MS, PStat, Statistician, StatComm 
  • Tara McCarty, MS, CCC-SLP, Doctoral Candidate, Penn State University 
  • Melinda Chang, MD, Pediatric & Neuro-ophthalmologist, LA Children’s Hospital, Kerk School of Medicine, USC  
  • Lynn Elko, MA, Parent, Advocate   
  • Christine Roman Lantzy, PhD, TVI & O&M, Pediatric View–The Children’s Home-Lejeune, Pittsburgh, PA    
  • Mary Ann Romski, PhD, CCC-SLP, Regents Professor, Georgia State University 
  • Rose Sevcik, PhD, Psychologist, Regents Professor, Georgia State University 
  • Krista Wilkinson, PhD, Psychologist, Pennsylvania State University

Our Current Efforts

Studies in progress at TBS

  1. Hands-Free, Upright, Self-Directed Mobility – Survey of professionals and family members 2022-2023
  2. Impact of Self-Directed mobility on communication and self-determination of children with GMFS IV and V who use AAC (some with CVI)
  3. The use of C-BiLLT to track comprehension in children with complex speech, motor and sensory challenges.
  4. Development of manuscripts/webinars, etc.

Manuscripts under review (Penn State)

  1. An evidence-based team approach to the design of AAC interventions for individuals with Cortical Visual Impairment.
  2. “It’s like a guessing game all the time:” Parent insights on barriers, supports, and priorities for children with cortical visual impairment and complex communication needs

Studies in progress at Penn State

How do different cues influence: the latency/speed of visual attention to a stimulus (attention capture) and the duration of visual attention to a stimulus (attention maintenance)